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Navigating the crypto world can be quite daunting. From understanding new terminologies, courtesy of a fast-evolving industry, to keeping up with market trends, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of investing in the most volatile financial assets.

Nevertheless, you can make the adventure much more enjoyable if you take advantage of several tools. For instance, these ChatGPT crypto plugins can help you with almost every information-based need.

So, what are the best crypto plugins for ChatGPT, and what do they do?

1. Crypto Jobs List

The Crypto Jobs List plugin is designed to assist users in finding jobs in the crypto industry. Created byCrypto Jobs List, a Web3 talent sourcing company, the plugin fetches data on job opportunities and descriptions from the website and uses it to locate job opportunities. It allows you to interact with it to find specific job roles, learn about required qualifications, and gain insights into the crypto job market. You can specify your location, niche, and even salary range to get a list of job opportunities that match your preference. For instance, we used the tool to find a couple of remote cryptocurrency content-writing jobs.

While Crypto Jobs List is a good plugin to start with when searching for jobs, you’d benefit even more by using a general plugin like Job Search by Indeed, which has a larger database of jobs spanning all industries, including cryptocurrency.


The plugin is designed to provide real-time and historical data on various cryptocurrencies. It’s powered byCCData, an online platform launched in 2014 to provide institutions with actionable data on digital assets. Using the plugin, you can access information such as prices, market capitalization, and trading volumes while tracking various cryptocurrencies’ performance and analyzing market trends to make informed investment decisions. The plugin also keeps you up to date with the latest blockchain projects, such as initial coin offerings.

The example above listed Cardano as the fastest-growing established cryptocurrency in the last month based on data it had collected. With such insights, you can easily reduce the time and effort needed to make investment decisions.


DAIZY is designed to help you access financial data and analyze assets, including US stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Created byDaizy Inc, the tool leverages its huge, regularly updated database of information to determine cryptocurrency projects’ performance, risk metrics, and sustainability based on ESG score (Environmental Social and Governance). You can compare assets against benchmarks to assess your performance and learn how new stories may impact different types of assets. Generally, it’s a one-stop solution that simplifies digital asset research and analysis.

Above is a list of some of the best-performing ETFs over the past year based on data collected by DAIZY. While it only partially covers the available ETFs in the market, it’s a great starting point for research.

4. GoPlus Security AI

GoPlus Securitywas created to make Web3 safer by detecting and addressing security risks through its dynamic and automated platform. Its ChatGPT plugin provides a one-stop solution for comprehensive security content, including real-time updates and free primary data. It can also cover various aspects of the crypto security ecosystem, such as malicious addresses, token security, and DApp security statuses. The origin company is committed to integrating the best security data to protect projects and cryptocurrency users.

In the case above, we used the plugin to check whether the project Alien Worlds had been flagged for any security issues to guide us on whether it would be wise to invest in the project. You can do much more with such a powerful tool.

5. Alchemy

Alchemy‘s ChatGPT plugin is a tool that allows users to access blockchain data. It works with Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism blockchains providing users with real-time information using Alchemy’s Web3 APIs. You can access account balances, tokens metadata, block information, and fee data pegged on network conditions. Due to the character limitations of ChatGPT, the plugin responds within the limitation. Also, the plugin is trained on a fixed set of API methods rather than real-time off-chain data.

We tried to find out the current gas fee for sending $100 worth of ETH, and the above response is what we got. The tool noted that Ethereum gas fees don’t depend on the amount being traded but on the network conditions.

6. DeFiLlama

DeFiLlamais a platform that provides data and analytics for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects and protocols. It aggregates this information from reputable sources and offers users insights into the landscape’s performance and trends. The ChatGPT plugin leverages the platform’s wealth of data to help users discover DeFi opportunities, explore protocols and assess the general health and growth of the DeFi ecosystem. It’s useful to investors and developers who wish to make informed decisions within the rapidly evolving DeFi space.

Above is a list of DeFi projects the tool picked based on the current Total Value Locked. It does a great job of consolidating information, letting you pick out the most important details to monitor and compare different projects in real time.

7. SignalPlus

Signal Plusis an all-in-one platform that empowers users to participate in options trading for digital assets. By design, its ChatGPT plugin provides access to real-time risk and profit/loss analysis, volatility data, and risk scenario analysis to empower professional traders, institutions, and crypto-native funds to make investment decisions. In addition, you can get insights on what’s trending in crypto, futures and options data, DeFi protocols, liquidation statistics, NFT projects, blockchain gas fees, and much more. In short, it’s designed to be your crypto trading assistant.

We asked the tool to inform us of the current long-shot ratio and open interest data for XRP futures, and it gave a concise answer after analyzing its data. With such a tool, any common crypto trader can significantly improve the quality of their investments.

8. Polygon

The Polygon ChatGPT tool is a research tool designed to enhance financial investment analysis. Despite originating from Polygon (MATIC), a crypto project, the tool not only provides cryptocurrency insights but can also search tickers across stocks and FOREX. It helps users stay updated on market trends, provides information on options contracts, and enables users to track their portfolios while discovering new investment opportunities. As illustrated below, we asked the tool to give us a list of tickers supported by Polygon.

Generally, the tool simplifies financial research and provides a streamlined and powerful solution for investors seeking comprehensive financial insights.

Raise Your Crypto Game With ChatGPT Plugins

Today those with access to high-quality information and the ability to execute fast enough have the best chance to succeed. This factor perfectly applies to the crypto industry. With so much going on, it’s necessary to separate noise from valuable information and act on it. These AI-enhanced plugins will be instrumental in your quest to take advantage of the endless opportunities arising in crypto. So get on board now.